Thursday, 13 March 2014

Coffee, Cake & Kisses

A good few years back there was an amazing place in London to go for amazing coffee, cake and a little bit of Kink if you wanted. It was the aptly named Coffee, Cake and Kink.

It was a great place, and one that was not afraid to bush boundaries. Back in 2006 for example it featured an exhibition by renowned Leather / Fetish photographer Uli Richter. The first public exhibition of gay SM Artwork in London for two decades!

Of course people got upset by it, CCK was visited by the both the police and local council to investigate. Both stayed for coffee and the exhibition ran its course without incident or causing the downfall of society. But unfortunately like many small independent business they have ups and downs. It is hard work selling coffee for a few quid in the centre of one of the worlds most expensive cities and with great sadness they closed.

But their passion, their drive and their ideas were far from dead!

The world moved on, the Internet got bigger, and new things started. And new sites started to help people get started – sites like Kickstarter.

And so an idea began for a new kind of coffee shop, a place that makes you go “mmm...”

Coffee, Cake & Kisses, a new fusion concept from the founders of Coffee, Cake & Kink.

With everything for sale except for its staff, Coffee, Cake & Kisses celebrates bonds between people, and quality relationships of all kinds. It keeps the diversity and inclusion ethos of Coffee, Cake & Kink, as well as much of the original store’s merchandise while also making difficult concepts more accessible to the general public.

With a firm focus on relationships, however traditional or alternative, Coffee, Cake & Kisses aims to provide a comfortable, non-judgmental space for the exploration of all things carnal and cerebral, inclusive and welcoming of all genders, sexualities, relationship models and lifestyles. Staff training will include brewing methods, home baking and kissing tips and tricks, all to be shared with customers.

This new concept for a store is about inclusion, in the same way Neil Patrick Harris declared Broadway “not just for gays anymore” CCK is for everyone however they identify. Be it Leather, straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans or undecided. Books, art, cards, and gifts available for sale will range from coffee equipment to cookery books to gender politics, polyamory and sex education. An eclectic line-up of events includes anything from bake dates to erotic story-telling to sensuous body painting workshops. As an added twist, everything you will see in store – from coffee equipment to furnishings to lighting – will also be available for sale, with only staff excluded (but do feel free to ask).

The campaign is drawing to a close in its final hours now. But it is not too late to help this incredible business go from concept to reality by quite simply pre paying for some coffee’s and cakes! Indeed it is possible to get a signed A3 limited edition glicee print of your choice by Ulli Richter and the opportunity to meet him for coffee.

Find out more on their Kickstarter here.

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