Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Behind the Sash Calendar

I just stumbled across this little discover a few days ago. It is a new charity calendar in aid of the excellent Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago.

It features photos of 12 Leather and Bear titleholders from around the world, namely:
  • International Mr. Leather 2012/Mr. Michigan Leather 2012 Woody Woodruff  
  • Mr. 501 Eagle 2012 Ron Kautz
  • Mr. Missouri Leather 2012 Scott O'Brien
  • Mr. Washington State Leather 2011 James Dunagan
  • Mr. Bluegrass Leather 2011 Sam Clemons & Mr. Kentucky Bourbon Bear 2011 Aaron Huddleston
  • Mr. Code Florida 2012 Steve Hedrick
  • Mr. Chicago Leather 2012 Angel Velez & Raphael Ferreira
  • Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2012 Derek Harley & Josh Cronan
  • Mr. Iowa Leather 2012 Jeremy Morris
  • Mr. North American Bear 2012 Jed Ryan
  • Mr. UK Leather 2012 Kilker Alcaraz
  • Mr. Sydney Leather 2012 Richard Savvy

I have a trip to New York coming up and so hope to pick up a copy to grace my new playroom wall! If you are from the UK let me know and I can pick one up for you too.

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