Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cable Locked Collars

Yesterdays post about the SM Apartments in Berlin closed with a picture of me wearing a new steel cable collar. The collar is feels amazing and is a fantastic original design! The one I am wearing came from the Recon store where they credit an American manufacturer with making them.

A bloody good find by their purchasing team!

Another awesome find was by a friend who found the website for Cable Locked in Denver, USA.

Four of the designs from Cable Locked

Founded only this year Cable Locked Designs is a part time business that makes Industrial Jewelry out of cable - all of them are designed to be locked on and are hand made to order.

It is an outstanding piece of design work, and I really hope they make a success of it - they deserve the recognition for the design and work. I personally love the blue collared lugs, and suspect I will be ordering that one before too long to go with my existing red one. Clearly not to be worn a the same time!

On the website you can order both uncoated cable and one with a clear vinyl coating. Personally I would recommend anyone looking at these for long term wear go for the vinyl coated on. Not only will the cable snag and pull on neck / chest hairs the very abrasive nature of the cable won't be good for the skin.

So if you are looking for a new original design of collar for your property or just to wear something unique check out the website! Shipping to the UK is also available from them.

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