Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cable Locked Collars

Yesterdays post about the SM Apartments in Berlin closed with a picture of me wearing a new steel cable collar. The collar is feels amazing and is a fantastic original design! The one I am wearing came from the Recon store where they credit an American manufacturer with making them.

A bloody good find by their purchasing team!

Another awesome find was by a friend who found the website for Cable Locked in Denver, USA.

Four of the designs from Cable Locked

Founded only this year Cable Locked Designs is a part time business that makes Industrial Jewelry out of cable - all of them are designed to be locked on and are hand made to order.

It is an outstanding piece of design work, and I really hope they make a success of it - they deserve the recognition for the design and work. I personally love the blue collared lugs, and suspect I will be ordering that one before too long to go with my existing red one. Clearly not to be worn a the same time!

On the website you can order both uncoated cable and one with a clear vinyl coating. Personally I would recommend anyone looking at these for long term wear go for the vinyl coated on. Not only will the cable snag and pull on neck / chest hairs the very abrasive nature of the cable won't be good for the skin.

So if you are looking for a new original design of collar for your property or just to wear something unique check out the website! Shipping to the UK is also available from them.

Monday, 3 September 2012

SM Apartment Berlin

For quite a while now I have wanted to try hiring a dungeon space, or even an apartment with dungeon. Unfortunately some of the old favourites like the Black Tulip in Amsterdam closed, as did the RoB apartments there. London has a few dungeons available for the evening or by the hour, but there is something about going to stay somewhere for a few nights with its own playroom that really appealed.

A long time ago I found the SMApartments Berlin and really fancied them, and this past weekend I finally got to stay at the SM Suite with my husband. Berlin is now Europe's leather capital, Amsterdam lost that crown a few years back – it is now trying to get it back which is great to see!

Berlin is also home to the two RoB and two Hoist Basement apartments - but these don't appeal as much as the SM Apartments.And there is a very simple reason - the apartment space looks really nicely designed and styled. The RoB and Hoist ones are almost over styled to be hard sex environments. Yeah a good dirty play space is awesome, but I really like comfort and style. And the SM Apartments offer both of these.

We booked the SM Suite, and because of how flights worked we later added an extra night to the stay. The only down side was the arrival time - out flight landed about 10:00pm. We had excellent directions to give the Taxi driver and were met at at the apartment to pay the balance, be shown around, and of course to get the keys. Even if a little late – we didn't get in until 11:00pm, but this wasn't a problem.

The Suite is the largest of the three apartments available. If you really don't like Tom of Finland art you may not love the apartment - it is decorated with 14 of his iconinc drawings throughout the lounge, hallway and bedroom.

You walk into the apartment into a large airy lounge area - the rooms are very very tall giving a great feeling of space! The kitchen area and breakfast bar / dinning table is off the lounge. It has all the essentials - fridge freezer, toaster, microwave, kettle and Nespresso machine. There is also an electric hotplate should you need it. The fridge and kettle were about all we used, along with the dish washer.

The bedroom has a large king sized bed with plenty of drawers for storage, a hifi and wall mounted TV. The apartment also comes with it's own iPad and WiFi. A word of warning with the WiFi ... the walls of the apartment are very thick and the signal sometimes gets lost if you stray too far from the edroom – no wifi in the loo at times on my old 1st gen iPad.

The bedroom is where I think I would say I only had one complaint - lack of pillows on the bed. There were just two very thin pillows that offered no support. But we made use of the blankets there too boost them up and all was good.

The bedroom is where we also came across our first item of dungeon furniture - a Fetters Mk 1 Whipping Bench. A great classic bit of dungeon furniture!

And then the playroom ... the real reason everyone stays here!

A huge cage, sling stand, suspension rig, wall restraints, bondage table, gyno chair, tv & dvd player, russian gas mask, restraints, chains, ropes, leather sleepsack, rubber sleepsack, condoms, lube, pegs and a few other bits and pieces you will enjoy. I think some pictures say much more about the space, I have to add thought that the lighting was awesome!

We had a great time at the apartment and really enjoyed exploring Berlin as a city. The apartment is very well location for the U-Bahn, just ten minutes walk away if that. One of my fave bars visited was Prinzknecht just around the corner. Walking in I felt like I'd been transported to San Francisco, it felt very American to me in its styling and service. None of which is a bad thing - very different, a great thing and a great bar.

Berlin is an amazing city and I will be making some more posts about the shops in the area. I can't wait to go back!