Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lube Review: FistPowder

The 'ultimate' lube is something make people continue to look for. Different lubes are more suited to different activities, for most people who just want a good fuck something like Liquid Silk or ID Lube works well. But for those who like a little more - bigger toys, bigger dicks, more fingers, or a fist or two the requirements change. It needs to stay slick, give a good slide with a slight grip so toys don't fly out of your hand - you could get someones eye out with a flying butt plug if your not careful.

Most hole players have their own preferences, popular ones being Crisco / Trex (much cheaper to get hold of in the uk) or often J-Lube with Aqueous Cream.

I must admit I've never been a huge J-Lube fan - it's messy. Very messy! It's going to be good for fisting - this stuff is designed for vets to shove their arms up cows!! But it is very stringy which means you end up in a mess of lube and if you're not careful of your flooring also flying across the dungeon / bedroom! The other problem you have with J-Lube is the clean up ... just washing with soap and water doesn't work, it just gets super slippy and doesn't really clear up. I'm sure many a J-Lube virgin has freaked a little bit at this point, no you need to keep a tub of table salt in the bathroom cupboard to break it down.

Several years ago there was an amazing lube in on the market - K-Lube. This was very popular as a regular lube and for fisting, they did some nice warming / tingling / relaxing mixes too. And they also sold it in mix your own powder form and it cleaned up with soap and water- a big advantage. But then the owners of the company had some personal nightmares and had to close the company it was sorely lost.

But 2012 the world of lube is changing! K-Lube powder is back (original formula apparently) and then  two new players on the market! The first is from a French company called FistPowder, and the second from a UK based company but developed in Germany - X-Lube.

And so, to the lube! I have so far only tried FistPowder a few times, so this is a first impressions view.

The powder comes in a rather compact tube / bottle, and the design of the package follows the website which I think looks awesome. Something to be aware of is not to remove the outer label from the bottle, just by twisting the top you break the seal - the label has on it a small marker line at the very top of the lid. This is used for measuring the amount of powder required to make up 500ml of lube. The bottle has a secure flip top so don't worry about spillages in your toy bag.

The problem with all these powder lubes is the mixing - finding the best way of doing it. I think I've found a good way of making it easy! I use a 700ml Maximusle Protein Drink Shaker. 500ml of warm water (this has measurements on the side), and a 5g measure of powder. Put the lid on - make sure its sealed and shake, shake shake. Then leave for five minutes and shake shake shake again! You are then left with a bottle of lube!

The resulting gel is latex safe - so ok to use with condoms and gloves, is colourless, odourless and apparently doesn't stain! The first thing I noticed - no stringy bits and it  pours really well and is easy to control both the amount you want and where it goes!

The slip is good, really nice natural slide to it but its not like liquid teflon! You can pick up a butt plug or dildo and actually keep hold of it! And I think that is a critical part of a lube, something that J-Lube misses out on.

I enjoyed it, it worked well, and found it lasted well without drying out too quickly. I will definitely continue to use it, and look forward to trying different mixes of powder to water.

It's a great lube to help whatever your your shoving up an arse get in and come out again easily!

I think there is something that they should look at doing - releasing the product in 5g sachets. To 'try out' the product costs over £25.00 for one tube with delivery, a bit steep to see how you get on with a product. So being able to request a single sample would be helpful, and also selling say packs of 10 x 5g sachets makes for great travel lube! You take a sachet, on the way you pick up a 500ml bottle of water. Tip in sachet, shake and fist! I can hear the the Jingle now - do the shake n fist ...

As a final word they really need to get the malware warning on their website sorted! Getting a bit annoying now and will be putting people off looking at it. I know they are trying to get it sorted though.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Canal Pride - Join the Mister B Boat!

Wish we could be there this year - hope everyone who goes has a fantabuloso time!