Friday, 15 June 2012

Dinner Date & Workout with Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen ... love him. And the work he is doing with the Stand Up Foundation is amazing.

And it turns out he's available for rent ... well kinda. He's doing a deal with the W Chicago in aid of the foundation, a workout, dinner and brunch with him all for a $10,000 donation. Sounds a bargain to me!

Check out the details here.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Size does matter at Mister B

Do you hate it when you get rejected for being too small? Well not at Mister B, come visit our shop and get between 30% and 70% discount on selected small and extra small sizes! Size does matter! The smaller the better.

I am of course hoping that for those of us who are L and XL don't have to add extra to the cost of our items!

Woof: All Tied Up

After all the serious talk, sometimes its just good to look at some pictures of boys all tied up!

Dick Wadd... Bareback Porn

I'm seeing a lot of discussion about bareback porn, the bareback brotherhood and related issues. I woke up this morning and my first thought was an old issue of the excellent Instigator magazine. Issue 7 dealt a lot with bareback stuff, and had a great interview with Dick Wadd ... one of the leaders in bb porn.

It is well worth a read! But I wanted to share an excerpt here that I think highlights the issues very well that we are a community are facing:
Isn't there a responsibility to the younger members of the tribe who are beginning to explore kink?
I feel that we older members of the tribe have a responsibility to educate younger members and all initiates, not only about sexual practice, but about the potential ramifications of particular practices both physically and psychologically. There were three young HIV- men in my past who assumed that, because of my work, i am HIV+ and who wanted to take my charged load. I invited them [seperately] to my playroom, lit the candles, put on my best music, set the scene, tossed them in the sling, bored into their eyes with mine right before penetration, then grabbed them by their harnesses, shook them, slapped their faces and screamed, "What the fuck are you thinking?" In each case, a dear friend with physically visible manifestations of afvacned HIV was waiting nearby and, together, we just talked (more like scared) some sense into these guys.

That's a different approach, I'd say...
Though I truly believe that life is about choices and consequences, I think the trouble with "safer sex education" is that there is a disconnection between unsafe sex and its ramifications ... Newbies don't get to see the truly heinous face of AIDS or talk openly with guys who haven't had a solid bowel movement for years, suffer from lipodystrophy, lipoatrophy, chronic fatigue, and other side-effects. They only see the chiseled bodies and features of men in HIV drug ads, which are not representative of the true face of AIDS.

What does safer sex mean to you?
I believe that bareback topping (for circumcised men) is relatively safe and on a par with oral sex as far as safety is concerned. Bareback bottoming, fisting without gloves, and bloodsports are things that I personally steer away from. I would also ask my partner about any [illicit] drug use and his hepatitus status before consuming piss, as Hep A can be passed through urine.
Too many people have become immune to the safer sex message, they think that with all the drugs around they'll be fine and that HIV can be managed. But we also need to remember about all the other STI's out there - as Dick points out, its about all body fluids not just spunk!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


#BBBH is a twitter hash tag co-started by Mark Bentson for the 'Bareback Brotherhood'. I've never really paid to much attention to it - bareback isn't my bag, don't really understand it nor require it. It's a choice people make, actually I'm not sure choice is the right phrase. Risk assessment may be better.

Many BB's often say "I could get hit by a bus tomorrow", and have looked at the risk of catching HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes Simplex Virus-2, Human Papillomavirus, Syphilis. They know that  untreated syphilis can damage the brain, cardiovascular system and many organs in the body. And that having it increases the danger of being infected with HIV/AIDS at least two- to five-fold.

They have decided they are happy with the risks and consequences of those risks. I've done the same thing, I really enjoy a good cigar! I know the problems smoking can cause, and I've read up on it and because of that I have a very limited number of cigars a year. They really are my true guilty pleasure. But some would brand me immoral and not looking after my health by this action.

For me sex should be safer sex, and I use a condom. I don't judge those who prefer not to - I just won't fuck them. And that's fine, there are plenty of cocks and asses around that I can play with should I choose to.

As I say I've never really paid too much attention to the existence of the Brotherhood, other then as a way of identifying those who fuck raw. But this evening I read a great blog post by Bi-Polar Bear ... 'What's up with the Bareback Brotherhood?'

In it Mark Bentson is quoted as saying
…I do love a good debate when I can find someone with an open enough mind in which to discuss barebacking rationally...
Yes I think it can be discussed openly and rationally. Provided each side hasn't already judged the other side's views, and is prepared to listen.

For a lot of people, Mark included, the path to making a decision to fuck bareback doesn't start with a horny fantasy or desire to do something 'taboo' it starts much simpler then that.

A dislike of condoms, or being unable to fuck while wearing one. The debate needs to start with the reasons, for some it is about the taboo, for others its the practicalities of it. And these need to be discussed and addressed before the moral issues.

But my concern isn't about barebacking, it is about these kind of actions and attitudes:
Truth is at least once a month, I slip off a condom or use one with a hole in it. Stealthing is what I do.
One of my biggest issues in sex, kinky play and relationships is respect. Both giving it and expecting it - this does neither of those. And most importantly ... this is a criminal act! And people have been jailed for up to ten years for criminal transmission. I know proof and conviction is hard, but while BB sex has risks, is this a risk really worth taking?

I was once privilege to a debate by the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and the atheist writer Philip Pullman. Both have very strong and polar opposite points of view on the same issue, but both also had complete respect for the other and it was a fascinating debate.

For a debate to happen both sides have to respect each other - admissions such as these make that harder. There are many bareback bloggers who I do respect out there, Josh Landale from Confessions of a Bareback Sauna Slut is one of them. Indeed I am a regular reader of both his blog and twitter feed. And was fascinated about how he reacted to hearing he had become HIV+ and also the attitude of others towards him because he wrote about it.

Bareback sex isn't going to go away. And both sides shouting from the extremes won't help, and judgemental campaigns won't make the issue go away. Over time we will come to understand each other, and to allow others to make their own choices and we must respect each other for that and abide by their decisions.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Your views on Leather Titles

Woody Woodruff - International Mr Leather 2012

The Leather Identity Project have an interesting survey running at present on people's views of the Title concept. Are they valid, what do they mean to people, and how are they supported. I'm currently working on a blog post about it at the moment and my views on them.

If you can spare two minutes please complete the survey 'Where do you stand on Leather titles?'

Bingham Cup 2012

The 2012 Bingham Cup took place in Manchester, UK, between 1st and 3rd June 2012. It is the world championship of gay and inclusive rugby teams and is one of the largest men’s 15-aside rugby union tournament in the sporting calendar outside of the IRB Rugby World Cup. Manchester 2012 was the sixth Bingham Cup and is officially sponsored by the Rugby Football Union.

It was first held in 2002 in San Francisco and is named after Mark Bingham a former University of California -- Berkeley rugby star. He was among the passengers who prevented Flight 93 from crashing into Washington in the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Congratulations to the Sydney Convicts on winning the 2012 tournament, and congratulations to the Village Spartans for putting on an amazing weekend!

What you into?

We've all had the question on Recon, Scruff, Grindr or Gaydar (though I never use the latter myself). Not the most original of openers, but I guess it get direct tot he point. I was just looking down my Tumblr feed. And this is the current display at the top for all the latest images I've posted. I think this would pretty much cover all of my favourite / biggest fetishes and things I enjoy doing.

So in future, this can be my answer.


New Leather New Pics

Before heading off to CLAW I wanted to buy myself a new leather waistcoat / vest (for the yanks) but fate conspired against me and we didn't get to the store I wanted to get it from in time. Not that I didn't try other places, Expectations were too small, RoB & Mister B didn't suit my body shape - more for those with bigger pecs rather then those of us with bigger bellies. And bigger wallets.

But last week I was down in London and was able to get to Fetish Freak within The Hoist. And with a little help from Twitter I was provided with instructions on how to find it this time. If you rely on Google Maps and the postcode you end up in completely the wrong part of Vauxhall as I discovered last time.

This weekend just gone was also Birmingham Pride, maybe I'm just becoming a jaded old queen but in my days Pride was a celebration of the LGBT community. This year it seemed to be about 80% straight, mostly from the local council estates wanting a free party but refusing to actually support any of the bars or companies in case a gay actually talks to them. But this isn't a rant about Pride!

New waistcoat in hand I got ready for the days drinking and socialising, and my husband got these pics of me just before we left. Just snaps with an iPhone, I was very pleased with them.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Shopping: 15% Off Bleachers & Co

The Queen is having a bit of a right royal knee's up this weekend to celebrate ruling over us fo 60 bloody years! Lots of good stuff going on around the country and you'll see more Union Jacks around then you ever thought possible!

But there is also another reason to celebrate Bleachers & Co are one of the many companies offering a Jubilee Discount - 15% off everything across the store! So get your ass over to their online store, add some quality merchandise to your basket and check out with the code JUBILEE to claim your discount.

Rock on bitches! As I am sure Liz would say.