Monday, 30 April 2012

CLAW 11 - Thankyou!


I sit here in my room at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Cleveland at the end of CLAW 11. I can officially say that I am no longer a CLAW Virgin!

I am going to use a phrase from James Cameron's Titanic here. But I can say without a doubt that CLAW is the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful event, people that I've ever known. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me, I know you don't get many folks from the UK (and I hope to help change that ... not sure how yet, but we got time to work on that). From the two co-founders, the board members, the co-ordinators, the volunteers, the hotel staff and of course all the 1,400 or so attendee's thank you.

I met so many amazing and inspirational people, there are some that I am particularly grateful to and really I hope to stay in touch with. But for now, I just wanted to be all gushy about loosing my virginity. I'm writing up a lot more more about the event that I hope to get up here in the next few days.