Thursday, 5 January 2012


When doing training courses I always tell students to take responsibility for themselves, if we are doing something they are uncomfortable with say. If they are unsure how to perform a treatment safely, shout out. If they need a piss - go to the toilet.

ReddyWhp has just posted two comments to his Twitter account that I RT'd from a RT, but thought they were so important that I wanted to share them here:

For Tops
Being a Dom/top/daddy/master/furry isn't a license to be an arrogant ass. Your sub is in your care, at least act like you're responsible.
For Bottoms
 Being a pup/boy/sub/furry isn't a license to be an immature douche. Grow up and take responsibility for your own life, choices, actions.
Whoever you are, however you identify yourself be responsible and take responsibility for the safety of yourself, those you play with and those around you.