Saturday, 31 December 2011

Get Offline & Support Your Bars!

A very Happy New Year for 2012 - lets hope this is a great one! I'm certainly planning on making it one!

But in 2012 it's time to go back in time and do it properly! Times change, habits change, people change and that is all great. But we are running a risk of loosing something that is so important to and that is our bars and clubs. Places to meet, drink, socialise, share, play and just enjoy spending time!

BLUF have started the 12x12 pledge - twelve visits in twelve months to a bar or club. It doesn't have to be the same bar, it could be local, somewhere your visiting. It doesn't need to be in gear ... just get out there and rediscover the scene!

So come on guys turn off Grindr, Scruff, Qrusher, Gaydar, Recon and just get out there and meet some guys! Support your local businesses.

I'm signing upto the 12x12 pledge, are you?

Decent custom chastity device for less then £200?

Many people love chastity and being unable to touch or play with their dicks, many Masters love to control their subs orgasms through enforced physical chastity. For many people the CB range of devices are perfectly suited and work well.

As with all things one size does not fit all, and for many they feel that only a bespoke made to measure device will work well enough to do the job and be comfortable enough for long term wear (more then a few hours). There are several companies and designers making beautiful bits of kit that really are the Rolls Royce of chastity ... the problem is always cost. Like their name sakes they are expensive!

I've just come across a company I wasn't aware of before, Mature Metal. They do a range of devices all bespoke and made to order / measure and apparently really rather good! I came across them reading a blog of a submissive who's wife / Mistress has him in their Jailbird device - lots of positive comments on the website too.

And all for $290 (approx £180) - not at all bad! I also quite like the look of their lockable cock rings - a way of showing submission without the restriction.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

CLAW - What is it? Why am I going?

I have listed on my Recon profile that I am attending CLAW 11 in April 2012. I've had quite a few people ask me what it is, or where it is. So I thought I would do my best to explain what it is and why I'm going - though the what may be more difficult as this will be my first CLAW event.

Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend

There you go, that's what it is. Hopefully that answers the question as to what it is. Still non the wiser?

CLAW is a non-profit convention held in, as the name would suggest, Cleveland (Ohio, USA) every year for the past ten years, the 2012 event is the eleventh. CLAW 10 attracted over 1,250 people from 34 US States and Canada - it's not very well known outside the US Leather scene, hence I suspect the interest and curiosity in my attending.

Most guys who identify as Leathermen, pervs, fetish players, BDSM enthusiasts, Masters / slaves, Handlers / pups or just plain kinky have heard of the two big gay fetish events. Namely Folsom and IML (International Mr Leather), if you're lucky they will also be familiar with MIR (Mr International Rubber) and MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather). Folsom is the biggest leather / kink gathering ever - it is crazy, for my tastes a too busy now. Its not fun when you can't move, see anything etc.

IML, MIR and MAL are all title events where someone will be awarded a title and sash for the year. This as a concept in itself is something that the UK scene doesn't really embrace. Yeah we've had Mr Hoist a few times, there have been attempts at a Mr Leather UK and Mr Rubber UK but for one reason or another they have never really taken off. Though I will just make a mention and credit John Pendal for becoming IML 2003, and being a very inspirational Leatherman for myself and I am sure many around the world and of course for putting the 'I' well and truly into IML.

One of the principles of CLAW is that there is no contest and there is no title. It is an event about community, learning, awareness, support, and honouring.

The event takes over the host hotel, and spills over into a few others. But what goes on? Well there are lots of hot guys in lots of leather and aside from a lot of kissing, sucking, fucking and beating a whole lot of good stuff! There is a market to spend your hard earned cash in, a host of organised parties and dinners to meet people. There are also lectures and discussions you can attend and become involved in, or workshops to learn new skills or improve on your existing ones while helping others explore new ones. It's not all about play, there is also an art show and silent auction fundraising cash for good causes (CLAW 10 shared $34,300 amongst 18 causes).

Not so much the workshops, but most of that stuff is familiar to anyone who has attended IML - except on a much much smaller scale. But then as you start looking into it you notice some differences between CLAW and IML, and I suspect part of that is because it is a smaller event and it can do these things.

They have a Boots & Cigars tent / marquee set-up that hosts various events (just the name of it makes you want to spend time there). Events such as the CLAW Volunteer party, the CLAW Newbie party to meet and greet others if its your first time.

I am signed up to help out as a Volunteer, and so far through Recon, the Facebook group and registration I have already been introduced to loads of guys who I am very excited about meeting.

CLAW is also home to two very different events that I would be surprised if many in the UK had heard of. The Leather Hall of Fame is an annual event whereby the leather community can recognise those who have given so much to it. It is the leather equivalent of the life-time achievement BAFTA or Oscar. So far there are only ten individuals who have been inducted in the three year history of the event, but CLAW 11 will some more added to that.

And the other event is the Leather Family Dinner - a time to come together as Leathermen and to share stories over food and wine, to meet and honour ourselves and each other. To recognise that for many their interest in the Leather lifestyle is much then just fucking in gear. Pup Kevin describes the Dinner as:
The International Leather Family Dinner is my favorite event every year at CLAW. Everyone dresses in their formal attire and sits down to a nice meal. You are seated somewhat randomly at a round table of 8 people, which is actually really nice: you get seated next to people you might not otherwise get to meet and you quickly make conversation with the entire table. There are few speeches and awards given out, and the food is always good. You get a real sense of community from these dinners, and I always walk away with a few more friends.
You can read his full review of CLAW 10 on Leatherati.

So yes, I am excited! I'm buying some new leather to take with me, getting my hair done especially and I can't wait to be involved, to find out more, to meet some great people and to share the exprience with those I meet and those who follow my Twitter, Tumblr and of course blog.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Fistmas

Hope everyone has a happy, safe and kinky Fistmas and that Santa empties his sack on / over / in you this year. See you in 2012!!

Sunday, 18 December 2011


SM Apartments Berlin

It has been decided.

We are going here next year and I can't wait!