Thursday, 14 October 2010

OctoBEARfest - XXL Birmingham

Bound In Public have a new website - Bound in Public.

Bound in Public is innocent boys next door being bound, abused and humiliated for all to see..

Bound in Public is the premiere site to see real male humiliation in public places. It features gay BDSM and bondage as well as gay gangbangs, degradation and hazing. At Bound in Public, unsuspecting porn stars and young studs are ruthlessly tied up, gagged, humiliated and fucked in public. Strangers fondle and offer up their cocks to insatiable cumwhores and we bring it to you in high definition video for online streaming or video downloads. You will get to see these young guys violated in the street in high quality video and photo galleries.

Bound in Public brings you real male sluts longing to be used by groups of men who defile, torment and spit on them. Everyone will be able to see them being paraded around and humiliated as they are forced to endure demeaning and degrading sex in streets, alleyways and public toilets. At, Director Van Darkholme films the gay porn that's delivered to you weekly in HD video and high quality photosets. The men they abuse and rough up must suck cocks and take facials in front of an audience in bars, sex clubs, stores - anywhere crowds of total strangers can gather to humiliate and haze them.
Says it all really. And here are some shots from one of their premier vids shot on location at Mr S in San Francisco. Blowjobs in reception - how this is a store who knows how to welcome its customers!


Had a little bit of a tidy up, added some new links - included the Serious Male Bondage site banner. If you like men being tied up you'll love the site!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nasty Pig Shredders

I love Nasty Pig ... their rubber gear is amazing. Their attitude is aweome, their shop in NY is always a pleasure to visit! I remember buying my first Uniform Pants from them before they were Nasty Pig (well the website anyway).

Some of their stuff I must admit I just don't get, their baseball caps, some of their shorts and their Shredder shirts. I suspect that they are much more an American thing, either way they do well with them.

But what I do love is their choice of models! He is one sexy fucker above ... the tattoo's just make him even hotter!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Friday, 8 October 2010


Floggers are wonderful things, they come in a huge selection of sizes, colours, weights and leathers. But the problem is often finding somewhere that really understands them and makes them to the highest standard and quality.

A few years ago I found such a place, and wanted to share it with you now that I have remembered the name and website. Pictured to the right is the flogger I bought from them a few years ago, a medium weight Cowhide one.

Wian Studios, based in the Pacific Northwest will be coming up to their 12th year as full-time leather makers. And their passion, skill and love for their work comes through in each of the pieces of work.

They don't make stock items - each flogger is unique. They feature on their website there current itinerary, but any flogger can be made to order.

The list of leathers used include Suede, Elk, Cow, Deer, Buffalo, Bull and even Moose using a variety of colours and handle designs.

Of course they don't just make floggers, the service also includes Cat-O-Nines, Knotty Cats, Dragon Tongues and Singletail Whips.

So if you are looking for a particularly special flogger or whip I would definitely check out Wian Studios.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

12 Years After Matt LGBT Bullying Hasn't Stopped

12th October 1998.

That should have been the day the world took notice.

That should have been the day people realised something needed to be done.

That should have been the day it started to change.

19th September 2010. Seth Walsh hanged himself at just 13.

22nd September 2010. Tyler Clementi, an 18 year old gay man kills himself because of bullying.

23rd September 2010. 13 year old Asher Brown killed himself because of gay bullying.

29th September 2010. 19 year old Raymond Chase committed suicide.

This has to stop!

Matt Shepard died on the 12th October 1998, that crime led to the creation of The Laramie Project. Why isn't it a required text in every school in our nation? It talks about death, crime, hate, understanding, tolerance, being gay, consequences ... it is so much more then just a story. It is history that should never be repeated!

I think it is amazing that so many are asking for things to change. So many friends have shared the emotional appeal from Ellen on her TV show to start that change. But we need to do more ... we need to take action! The problem is that we don't know what to do, we don't know how to take action.

So please, someone with the influence, the power, the money, the position, please tell us what to do! How can we stop this?