Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Recon Leatherman

Recon recently changed their homepage graphics, and there have been some very nice new ones. This one though I have not seen before ... definately the hottest of the lot! Woof!


Monday, 28 June 2010

Stalking Boys

If you like them then you should definitely check out this guy on Flickr! No idea how he manages to get so many pics ... certainly a talent many appreciate!

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

IML 2010: Market Pictures

Finally got around to copying the final selection of pictures off my camera from IML this year. Next time I hope to get more!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Life, Leather And The Pursuit of Happiness

“Life, history and culture in the leather / BDSM / fetish community
as captured by Steve Lenius.”

Lenius has worked as a journalist with a regular column in Lavender magazine and other publications. The column, Leather Life, has been published for the last 15 years and this book is a collection of those columns and other articles, updated and annotated where appropriate. For a reader who hasn't read Lavender magazine, let along Steve's column the book makes an interesting reading about the history and traditions of the Leather community in America.

The book isn't a how-to guide, it isn't a definitive documentation of Leather Culture, it is one man sharing his thoughts and experiences. The book is organised into chapters around a theme, each article is dated to give a reference time.

The first chapter, for me was one of the most interesting - “What is this thing called Leather”. Explaining how leather is made – how it turns from a skin / hide on an animal into a vest, chaps, jeans, restraints or hood. But it also introduces some of the fetishes and their subtleties – for example the difference between bondage and SM. The following is a superb example of this chapter:

It's a charming scene: A dog and his master return from their evening walk. While the master sits in his easy chair by the fireplace, the dog dutifully fetches the master's slippers. Then the dog lies down by the fire and lays his head on his master's lap. His master lovingly pats the dog's head and they both drift off to sleep. Next morning, his master fills the dog dish; the dog eats breakfast and then heads for his job as a corporate-events planner.

Since I purchased the book at IML this year, and had it signed by the author, it is only fitting that I should mention Chapter 9 - “Sash Life.” This is perhaps one of the most insightful chapters in the book, especially for those who don't really get or know about the Title Holders / Beauty Pageant aspect of the Leather community. For example for the majority of attendee's to IML they shop, they socialise, they catch up, and yes they probably shag quite a bit too. But for those who attendee's who are their for the contest, be it as contestants, judges, contestant handlers, assistants, IML staff it is a very different weekend.

Lenius served as a judge himself for the 2002 contest, and his account of a weekend as a judge really helps you appreciate what IML is like for some there. Interviewing and scoring 66 contestants over two days, and then the final 20 in just a few hours isn't easy! And for the handlers and co-ordinators making sure everything and everyone is in place at the right times can't be easy!

If you are interested in Leather as a lifestyle, community, or even just to see how it has changed over the years this book makes for very interesting and entertaining reading. And reading it at the airport and restaurant last night got a few open eyes when people read the cover.

It's not just about the leather. It's about the life.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Twisted Monk

This is a great live performance by TwistedMonk - I love the camera work, music and the costume he is wearing - though no idea which video game inspired it.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

Woof: The Calendar

Hopefully in the next month or so we are moving to a new house, and I get my own office space in it. I've been thinking of what pictures I can put on the walls. Well today the answer came through!!

Raw Image Studio is releasing a limited edition calendar of some very horny pics! And you don't have to wait until January next year - this one starts in September this year!

I will be calling by the best bondage shop in London to collect it I think and just to smell the gorgeous leathers they work with - Master U.


So, and answer honestly ... How many wanks would you say you have had this year? Made it three or even four figures yet?

Me? I think I may have just made it to double figures! I know for a lot of people they can get to ten quite regulalry in a few days. And several years ago I would have too! This year that probably took three or four months at least for me.

This is something that over time has changed. I love sex, I love cocks and I love orgasms ... I just never have interest in doing much these days.

From an outsiders point of view that may seem very strange. I have a huge interest and fascination in sex, porn and leather. Indeed this very blog is dedicated to sex and sexuality.

But unfortunately my sex drive has been in a steady decline for a few years now. The past year it has reached almost nothing. :o(

I read so many profiles and blogs that say "always horny." I have actually forgotten what it us like to just feel horny.

This does raise a little side point, can anyone really describe themselves as "always horny" ... Surely biology plays a role in making sure that isn't the case. Even someone with an incredibly high sex drive has periods when the body has down time. Easily aroused / always up for it would be a more accurate description surely.

It's a very strange place to be, and it's not just a bit of downtime from sex. A friend recently described themselves as "coming out of hibernation", that I can understand. Everyone goes through ups and downs, sometimes stress plays a part in it. What i am experiencing is much more serious and long term than that.

How can I describe it?

Ok let's assume you are a gay man reading this. Your walking down the street one day and all of a sudden you pass by the total defination if your ultimate type / fantasy fuck. You feel a sudden rush of blood, your face flushes, your cock may even swell a little, and you find yourself having all sorts of impure thoughts that really do start to get your cock paying attention.

Now take that same scenario walking down the street, but this time replace the really hot guy with a very attractive woman. Your not 'attracted' to them ... You don't want to fuck them but you can see and appreciate their attractiveness.

Now go back to the original scenario. If I pass a guy who is about 6ft tall, nearly as wide with a big muscular body, shaved head, some tattoo's, nice boots, wearing a leather bike jacket ... he pretty much ticks every box for me. The problem is that my reaction tends to be that of the second scenario. I'll think "oh yes!" and that's it. I quickly move back to whatever I was thinking about.

Sex, bondage, blowjobs, submission, beatings, service ... All the stuff I'd want to do, none of it passes my mind. The cock doesn't even get a look in.

I have made several posts these past few weeks about my weekend at IML. I spent it in a hotel surrounded by wall to wall leather clad men most of whom i would have loved to have had the opportunity to play with! And indeed I could have, my husband was happy for me to do so.

If I had wanted I know I could have sorted out quite a but of action ... It was IML after all!

With one exception the entire weekend was spent without a single stirring or wank. And that one exception was on the Monday evening after packing up and because I thought I should.

That weekend was the last straw. I want to enjoy sex again and I am sure my husband would like to as well!!

It is like the old Alzeihmers joke, they forget everything and everyone. But because they are locked in their own little world they don't care. Lack of interest in sex is always much harder on the partners!

I'm not going to let this get the better of me, it's got me down a bit sometimes since getting back. I think it has made me finally realise that there is something wrong. I have for too long heard from friends about their sex lives and read about other peoples. I want a sex life again and to enjoy my body, my gear, my toys and yes having a cock too!

So I am doing something about it.

Today I made an appointment with my GP to get some blood tests sorted out. And hopefully to go onto testosterone HRT or something!

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Friday, 18 June 2010


I love Cookies ... and Chop Chip Cookie dough is the best. Just better remember not to cross the Cookie Monster!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010


Anyone else noticing that fetish companies now are getting really excited about Neoprene gear! Lots are starting to offer it, and developing products. Clearly if you dirty fuckers out there weren't buying it they wouldn't make it.

Personally its something I'm not sure about yet. I can definitely see the attraction - cost and maintenance! Which makes it a great alternative to Leather and Rubber. But for me, still not quite as nice as some good old fashioned leather!

There are of course always exceptions to the rule, Mr S Leather are doing a nice new range of neoprene restraints.

And those kinky fuckers over at Fort Troff have sorted out a very nice surf suit that allows easy access to the all important areas!
But I think one of my faves has to be the Fort Troff Sleep Suit. At just $200 its a great balance between function and cost. And with the Firebrigade mask shown here looks even better!! This is my personal fave type of gasmask.

Don't get me wrong - would still love a leather one with all the attachments, but at this price you can't be choosy!

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