Monday, 31 May 2010

IML 2010: Wow!

Just the most amazing weekend ... just sat here thinking about it. Yeah, I will definately be back Chicago!

But before then I'll be posting some more pictures, stories and stuff.

Thankyou IML!

IML 32: An Outsider!

WOW! If you have never been, or you want to know what IML is all about, or you think leather clubs should be fuck clubs and what is with all this community bullshit please read this --> Fashionably Late for Life. I really don't think I could have written a better description of what IML is and stands for.

I just want to include a few of my fave lines here:
And who cares if a chained slave instantly dropped to all fours and barked for me. I was a little flattered to be honest!
After visiting they went to the Millenium Park to watch a symphony concert, but found that something was missing from the experience:
Oddly enough it was the rhythms of leather smacking against human flesh. It was the sound of deep belly laughter, heavy hugs, and manly pats on the back. It was the sound of a community of people brought together by something that I will never understand, but now deeply respect.
How cool is that? In case you missed it - read the full post here.

IML 32: Press Conference Photos

I happened to be in the Leather Market today when they held the Press Conference and Photo call. So I was able to get these of the winners.

Winner: Tyler McCormick, Mr Rio Grande Leather

First Runner Up: Lance Holman, Mr San Francisco Leather

Second Runner Up: Jack Andrew Duke, Mr Teaxas Leather

Mr International Bootblack: Tim Starkey of the Boston Ramrod

The Contestants

Pecs & Personality
This was taken on Saturday night

IML 32: Alt.Kilt

This is Jeanie Davan of Alt.Kilt - best kilt makers at IML! And if your looking for a modern style kilt I don't think anyone does them better! Alt.Kilt don't really do "stock kilts" ... they are much more made to measure and order. So you get to choose the best fit, the right length, the buttons you like, the belt loop size you want, the pockets as and where you want them. And the material you want and any other requests you want! And of course you get to choose the material colour, weight etc - you can see a selection of swatches on the desk.

Oh and you don't get ripped off if you need larger sizes like some other utility kilt companies!

Really looking forward to wearing my new kilt!!

IML 32: Pictures

The IML Flag

The tribute to Mister Marcus in the Grand Ballroom where several events where held.

IML 32: Pictures

I've taken practically no pictures while here, but here are a few of the ones I have taken. Mostly on my iPhone so not best quality.

The "Big Bar" in the lobby

Jake The Barber on the Fort Troff stand. Unfortunately I didn't get time to see him to get my mohawk redone.

I do love a boy with a mohawk!

Carrera Designs from Germany with their custom chastity belts.

Ben in Leatherland actually in NastyPig land.

The Chicago Rubbermen playing with visitors

Always nice to see some furry action!

Lots of flyers and leaflets to choose from here

In the elevator "Fun on 31st Floor"

Ready to his the market shopping!

Some coinslot action

Monday Muscle

IML 2010: Winners

Winner: Tyler McCormick, Mr. Rio Grande Leather
First runner up: Lance Holman, Mr San Francisco Leather
Second runner up: Jack Andrew Duke, Mr Texas Leather

Mr. International Bootblack Winner: Tim Starkey, of the Boston Ramrod

Congratulations to Tyler & Tim, the runners up and all the contestants!

IML 2010: Tyler McCormak (Mr Rio Grande Leather 2009)

This evening I went along to the IML contest, more stories and pics from the rest of the weekend coming tomorrow but I just wanted to write about the contest tonight.

This afternoon I had my final volunteer shift in the Day Pass registration, and fortunately it finished a little early so there was plenty of time to get to the theatre!! Last time I came to IML in 2007 it was held at the Chicago Theatre, but times and economies change and as part of that to cut the costs it was moved back to its old home at the Congress Theatre. The theatre is about 20 - 25mins bus journey from the host hotel and well ... it needs more then just a lick of paint! But this was to be our home for the next few hours.

On the bus I started chatting to Ross, a contestant from 2004 so that was cool. Nice to have someone to chat to, compare notes and also get a slight insight from the contestants point of view. The show was about 15 - 20mins late starting, I suspect 'technical difficulties' despite the rehersal in the afternoon. But these things happen!

I have to say that the two MC's, particularly Karen were awesome!! They even coped with a few minor run cock-ups.

This past year the American / IML / International Leather Community lost someone who had a lot of respect and love from the Leather community ... Mister Marcus Hernandez. Having written about the Leather community for 38 years he knew all of the first 31 IML's and contestants, and was a great friend of IML. So tonight there was a memorial to him during the contest. The memorial was a slide show of pictures and video clips from his life, set to one of my favourite pieces of music - Jurrasic Park. The memorial and music was great, but for a relative outsider it did go on a little bit too long.

With over50 contestants, it can take quite a while to work through the introductions! During Pecs & Personality last night I quite liked both Australian contestants and 'the one in the wheelchair' or Tyler McCormack, Mr Rio Grande Leather 2010. Tyler was popular with the crowds throughout, showing a cheeky side as well as a good spirituality, personal achievement and sense of what being a Leatherman and also IML is about.

Once the final 20 contestants are announced they each have a speech on a matter of their choosing to give. They were all passionate and personal, but some were a bit "woe is me and my history", non were really "how great am i" though some did edge to this a little, and some got a lot of applause.

After the first group of ten contestants speeches there was an interval. The first of the two acts for the contest were "Mantranyx"(I think that is the name) - a pair of guys who performed some amazing acrobatics in the middle of the auditorium on a chain loop or rope! Very very impressive and very well received.

Unfortunately the same could not be said for the second act after the final 10 speeches. Colton Ford performed a set of songs from his new album. He just didn't connect with the audience at all ... I mean at all! It just seemed that everyone was just waiting for him to finish and it couldn't come quickly enough. He even stopped his set a before his final two songs to try and find out why and asked if the music was too loud - the sound hadn't been great all evening. He did his last two songs pretty much because he had to, not because he wanted to. The final applause was polite, but far from enthusiastic.

And then we were able to move onto the main event ... but first, the establishment of the Jeffrey Payne lifetime achievement award. An excellent idea, and of course the first award was given to its name sake for the work he has done in his year as IML.

And then the evening concluded with the announcement of Tyler McCormack as the 2010 International Mr Leather! Congratulations Tyler, from what I saw you deserve it and I'm sure you will use it well and to the maximum possible opportunity.

A shame that this won't really get reported in the UK gay press, Mr Hoist 2010 was competing but his performance in the Pecs & Personality contest and this evening ... I don't think he was truly into it. I felt he was a man of leather & kink rather then a Leatherman.

I look forward to seeing and hopefully sharing some pics from the night!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

IML 32: Yay!

I got groped several times today at IML.

I loved it!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

IML 32: Leather Market

So today is the official start of IML and the hotel is packed! The entrances have their "Closed for Private Event" signs to stop the tourists wandering in and freaking out!

Because we didn't buy a weekend Package we needed to buy a weekend pass for the Leather Market ... this involved two ID checks, another ID check and one donation of $5 and then a final ID check and wrist band issued!

The market is really quite large this year with what must be over 100 vendors, and nicely spread out with plenty of room to enjoy the stalls and demo's. Jake The Barber was working on the Fort Troff stand doing hair cuts. Unfortunately the queue would have meant we wouldn't have had too much time to enjoy the market and its offerings.

The range of products and offerings ranged massively in price, quality and offerings. Something to see that was a pleasant surprise was e7gear - these guys make fantastic quality rubber gear! And for an American company that is quite unusual ... the fetish scene here is still very Leather dominated. Rubber gear and neoprene is definately starting to get a foot hold and with companies like these guys thats a great thing!

I was also able to call by Alt.Kilt to get measured up and pick out material and finish for a new kilt. Their stuff is just awesome and in my mind a much better quality and standard of product with superb service! Unlike other companies they don't charge extra for bigger sizes! Can't wait to order the kilt and and wear it out.

One small aside about the market. For some people there has been controversy about the fact that they have banned Bareback Porn from the Market - so no Treasure Island Media or Dick Wadd this year. For some this wasn't a welcome decision, for others it was! So you couldn't buy bBB porn but you could pick up quite a selection of beastiality man / animal or animal / man dvd's!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Mat (WolvesPerv)

I love Hipstamatic!

IML: A Leather Odysey

IML ... for xx men the journey starts here. For a huge number of men and women it started days, weeks, months or even 33 years ago!!

The majority of people passing through the Chicago Hyatt Regency over this bank holiday / memorial day weekend will come and do some or all of the following: meet, shop, drink, chat, fuck, play, fist, laugh, cry, make new friends, find old friends. And it is an amazing place and time to be able to that. It is an incredible and unique experience that I don't think is replicated or exists anywhere else in the world.

And it is a massive event ... mind bogglingly so, people come from the world over to attend this celebration of the Leather Tribe.

So much of the weekend is focussed on the contestants, attending title holders and the winner. And without these guys there would be no IML ... quite litterally. But having witnessed a tiny part of the preperations this afternoon it makes you realise how much more there is to IML and its success. The amount of work by a huge number of people, staff, companies, sponsors and us volunteers make it possible.

While I am sure the organisers, producers and staff may not feel it at times this is a very well lubricted machine! To pretty much take over one if the largest hotels in Chicago takes some doing!

So to everyone who is attending IML 32 this year have an amazing time, enjoy the ride(s) and remember this is your event as much as it it's Chuck Renslow's, Mr IML [insert year], Mr Palm Springs Leather 2010 or any of the other contenstants, or even Mr IML 2010. Without the support of the Tribe there couldn't be a celebration like this!

Play safe. :o)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Jet Lag ...

... sucks! And not in a good way, 10:25p and I need to fall asleep. Grrrrr

I Mr L 2010

So we checked into the host hotel yesterday, despite booking it months ago they didn't have a king room available. So we were in a twin last night, but given free brekky vouchers! And today we were able to move to our new room ... a king on the 31st floor!

Must say the hotel is very nice ... and a hell of a lot less chintz then the Palmer House Hilton! When we checked in it was very much still a traditional business / convention hotel and over the next few days it will transform into a Leather hotel. Even tonight coming back from the delicious Bin 36 there is a noticeable amount of leather and boots around, mixed in with some rather concerned looking non-leather guests.

Tomorrow I have my first volunteering shift ... then again on Saturday and Sunday. If you see me around please introduce yourself!

If your attending this year hope you have a great time and get as much or little play / action as you are looking for.

Happy IMrL 2010!

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International Mr Leather

Counting down now! Just got a few bits of work to get finished before we head off next week, but looking forward to some time away from the office for a week!

Photographer Required

If your interested Mister B in Amsterdam would like to talk to you.

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