Tuesday, 30 March 2010

An offer you can't refuse ...

But so easily I did! Had this pop up on my Messenger last night:
Cash for guys to take and give it Raw at party in Manchester
A hello first would have been nice. I mean what has happened to manners these days?

Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday Blog: Taboo Terminal

I was introduced to Taboo Terminal by PuckerPup when he posted a comment to a previous Friday Blog asking if I'd add him to my BlogRoll.

Well I checked it out and immediately loved it, this is something he only started this month but I hope it carries on for a long time as it starts so well. His introduction sums it up perfectly:
This blog is in place to bring people out of their shell and help them see kink as it should be, with a little bit of cheek.
Because sometimes kinksters and pervs can take themselves a little too seriously, it's called "play" as it is supposed to be fun! Quite often it hurts ... sometimes a lot, but it should still be fun on an appropriate level. And sometimes the best scenes end up a complete disaster when you just can't help but laugh!

Though I must admin the French bestiality porn for an AIDS awareness campaign scares me slightly. Though not sure which scares me more - the scorpion or knowing that there will be people out there wanking furiously!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Stories From The Quilt

The AIDS Memorial Quilt celebrates the lives of real people who were loved and lost to HIV/AIDS. They are each remembered on a stretch of fabric called a panel. The website offers a closer look at one of the 47,000 panels that comprise the ever-growing AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Gregory Dymszo (Block 5789)

"One of the ways in which Greg would show his love of life and friends was with large spaghetti and lasagna parties. He would spend all day cooking and preparing for his guests. Music would ring through his flat as his roommate played the piano with many voices joining in. Greg's was definitely one of the most beautiful among these.

I wanted Greg's panel to reflect the vibrancy and style of these musical arists that helped Greg through so many trying times."

- April L. Prescott

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Friday, 19 March 2010

Woof: Fucking

Friday Blog: All American Kinkster

After a short break due to workloads pleased to say the Friday Blog is back!

All American Kinkster - "Covering all bases of kink one perv at a time". That tag line sums it up, lots of great pics, video's and links. Definitely one to keep an eye on for that little daily kink input.
As many of you are well aware, I use this blog to express my passion for the aspects of bondage, rubber, leather, etc. that I enjoy. My number 1 goal is that people will enjoy reading about the stuff I run across on the internet and that this will bring enjoyment to those that read.

Head Kinkster

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Best Sling Package In The World!

Those guys at Master U have done it again! Not only are the responsible for the best quality sling money can buy they have raised the bar once more with a fantastic new redesign on the portable Sling Stand.

You can see more about the sling in this video:

And if you combine the sling with their unique suspension system and uber-comfortable cobra restraints you really will be most comfortable in the world.

Woof: Fisting

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Ultimate Boot - Wesco Custom Boots

One of the items quite high up on my Shopping List is a paid of custom made Wesco Harness Boots. These are just amazing looking boots, and when you actually see and feel them the skill and quality in them is truly unlike any other boot.

And of course the fact that each one is custom made to your feet (the left and right are measured separately for the best fit) really does make them the ultimate boot. A lot of "custom" fit boots are custom to pre-determined sizes and offer choices of finishes. These are based on measurements of your feet not what shoe size you think you should wear!

If you like them, then why not checkout or order the DVD from their website that outlines the company history, how to measure your feet for your boots, how they rebuild boots and see how they make them!

Woof: Boots

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Some new posts today (at last) and some housekeeping on the blogroll. I've deleted some old blogs, ones I'm not reading so much now and moved a few around. Also keep an eye out for some hot posts over the coming days, and the Friday Blog will return this week!!

Skinhead Gear

Had an e-mail shot from Mr S in San Francisco yesterday that was very easy on the eyes! It was quite refreshing actually, the skinhead look is very niche in the states I always think - even more so then Rubber. The gay fetish scene is heavily predominately leather oriented (not that I am complaining of course).

You go to fetish / leather events and there will be a few, if any, guys in skin gear. So to get a whole mail dedicated ... well its something that you have to share!

So you start off with Bleachers! And these are from the horny fuckers on the other side of the States - Nasty Pig. Love them, kinda prefer them to the lighter traditional look:

And then you need to add your boots! And these mothers at us$100 are an absolute bargain! Shame they don't have them in Oxblood.

And as any good queer you want to add some accessories. So braces are a good place to go here, and you have a couple of options - cotton, leather or rubber!

Keep Boots and Braces On

This is my first kinky design inspired by the now iconic Keep Calm and Carry On poster. I am playing with a few more at the moment, what would you suggest?