Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Master U

I am such a big fan of Master U products, and really want to get their sling and Cobra restraints when I have somewhere that the sling can be left up a bit more permanently. The above are some of their recent press-shoots, the young lad is Ashley Ryder.

If you've not voted why not vote for them as Best Gay Shop in this years Boyz Awards.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday Blog: Roids and Rants

Erik's blog is a great source of hot images! He has great taste in men quite frankly ... or rather one that matches my own very well! :o)

Most people who visit the Roids and Rants blog will come for the porn action ... and who can blame them. But they are also overlooking something that makes this quite a unique blog - the two complete books that are also available! Check out the links in the side bar and have a read. :)

Here is a selection of some of my fave pics from the blog over the past few months:

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Package

On Saturday we went back down to Bristol for the day, having lived there for a year it was nice to go back ... oh my god I cannot believe now much of it has changed! It's unbelievable ... and some of the guys there too! Hello!!

Anyway, we called in to see a shop to say hello ... The Package - I love the name of the store, it is just perfect.

These guys have built up an amazing store, specialising in designer underwear. And these boys know their briefs from their boxers! If you are looking to spend some money on really good pants, then definately checkout their website or better still if your in the area call in and visit the store.

And I just noticed on their Twitter, that if you enter the code WOLV10 you'll get a nice little discount with your package too!

And if you want to show off your package in really comfy pants, can I suggest the Andrew Christian Almost Naked. The husband bought some and looks might tasty in them!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday Blog: Not Safe For Work

How often do you have to use the four letters NSFW when sending or sharing a link or image? Well there is an excellent blog that is all about that ... and that is what it is called. So this week's Friday Blog is NSFW.

This is a photo blog, but it is one of great editorial standards! And a great sense of humour, there are some amazing porn clips ... but also the odd random ones like a picture of Bugs Bunny. Each of the pictures has their own appeal, they aren't just randomly chosen. Or if they are - he has a bloody good eye! Below are some examples of my faves ... I couldn't stop at two or three!

So check out this weeks Friday Blog NSFW.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Practicalities of Master/slave relationships

I've spoken to so many guys who desperately want to be in a 24/7 M/s relationship, well that is until they shot their load all over their keyboard. hehee

But I have also discussed it in detail with some guys, but all too often they think of the fantasy life not the real life.

This morning I had a great example of one of the details that gets over looked.

So I had a shower, dried off and couldn't be arsed to get dressed. So I went about the house naked, getting breakfast, making the bed, starting working. Spending time naked just doing ordinary daily life things is very nice. And for a lot of Masters their slaves should spend time in the household naked, or quite a few slaves also desire this. Only clothed as and with what their Master decides.

Great, but the practical side of life comes into this - after about an hour or so I started to notice I was actually getting rather cold! It's winter and the heating had gone off, so as the room temp dropped so did my body temp with no way of keeping warm.

So for a slave to be naked great, just don't forget about the cost of keeping them warm!

London Dungeon Hire

There are several dungeons or play apartments around the world, the SM Apartments in Berlin being some of the ones I am looking forward to staying at most. But there in one play space that you can hire that in one aspect completely out does all others one respect - the sheer amount of toys, gear and furniture that is available to choose from or play with. Seriously, I doubt you will find anywhere with more!

Below is a small selection of images from the London Dungeon Hire to give you an idea of what I mean!

Even the entrance hall has some stocks!

Ah yes, what dungeon would be complete without a whipping bench?

A very interesting looking bondage bed with cage

The sin bin for naught boys!

One of the great attractions of LDH is the choice of stuff to play with! It is the ultimate kinky sweet shop to go wild in. And with so much stuff it is the perfect opportunity for lots of try before you buy action! The items I'd love to be able to try out are below:

A leather straightjacket. Mmmmm! Up there with a leather sleepsack for me.

VacRac ... for the ultimate in bondage

ErosTek ET312 Power Unit ... the Rolls Royce of electro stimulation

Violet wands ... for a very different electro experience!

While you are using the LDH the Dungeon Keeper locks himself away in his Inner Sanctum, hidden away to leave you to explore and enjoy in complete privacy, but available if needed. The dungeon is actually part of his house (how jealous am I?). But one of the things I love about the website, is the Dungeon Dalek who guards the Dungeon Keepers Inner Sanctum. It just serves to remind people that this is about play, about fun and enjoyment ... and not to take yourself too seriously.

Hopefully I can arrange a visit here one day!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stories From The Quilt

The AIDS Memorial Quilt celebrates the lives of real people who were loved and lost to HIV/AIDS. They are each remembered on a stretch of fabric called a panel. The website offers a closer look at one of the 47,000 panels that comprise the ever-growing AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Robert Guidici (Block 5424)

"What can I say about my son? How can I truly convey who my son was? He was my only son. He was the little boy who helped me make cookies, the child who loved to dance, fish and play with our dog. He was the child who would say how important families were; to keep those ties bound.

The process of completing the panel has been a healer for me. I made the family square first. This contains a necktie he wore often to work, his favorite shirt, a pillowcase from his bed, a hand-print he made in kindergarten, and a picture he drew of himself and his sister.

This was made as a tribute, not as a good-bye, but till we meet again.

- Carol Garvey

Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday Blog: Cigar Smoking Hunks

Is guilty pleasure the right way of describing it? Probably not, but I find this blog really very horny! Smoking is generally really looked down on, you can't do it in public places or places of work, there is now talk of banning it outside building entrances too.

But one of the best places to see and watch is definitely Cigar Smoking Hunks!

But the sight of a hot guy in leather smoking a nice size (not one of those stupid over sized things) cigar makes me go weak at the knees! Cigar's aren't really that big a thing here in the UK, so probably another reason I find myself attracted to America and American's so much.

I have seen it all too often of guys trying to smoke a cigar when the rest of the time they smoke cigarettes. They have no idea how to hold it, command it or savour it - and it looks a bit embarrassing, they think it makes them somehow cooler, hotter or more powerful. Believe me it does none of those!

But, back to the blog, the name says it all really - hunks smoking cigars. Here is a small collection to show you what I mean!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Woof: Cunt Wreckers

IML: Flights Booked!

Well that's it now, flights and arrangements have been made for the 2010 32nd Annual International Mr Leather gathering in Chicago this May! As they say, we are all systems go!!

And I have also put my application for three shifts as a volunteer. I like to be involved, not just observing. :)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Rough: Abuse of Power

Tony Buff (a previous Friday Blog) co-directed the latest release from TitanMen's Rough range of hardcore fetish films. The whole Rough line is designed not to be main-stream, but to cater for guys who want to watch much more serious BDSM play in action. Definately worth checking out, more details on TitanMen or