Sunday, 21 June 2009


I was going to do a post about bikers tonight, bit of a rant too, but too tired and late now. So in the mean time here is lovely pic that just can't help but put a smile on my face.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Stories From The Quilt

Garth Wall (Block 2482)
We were there from the beginning. We thought that if we all just sewed fast enough, we could stop the epidemic. People would finally understand. We could save our friends. We could save you. It was my original intention to create the Quilt panel alone, but it proved to be too overwhelming a task. In the end, I depended upon the help of our wonderful friends to complete the panel.

The dark blue background is a sheet from our bed. Each picture represents Garth with the people (me), pets (Tigger), Things (his garden at 530 Kansas Street, his 1982 Jeep Renegade), and places (Washington, DC) that he loved.

- Danny Sauro, Panel Maker

Patrick Kelly (Block 4921)
In the summer of 1994, the Jewish community in Atlanta realized that AIDS does affect them too and they initiated a program, 'Awakening the Jewish Heart to AIDS.' Since I had created a panel, I was asked to give a talk to the two summer youth camps about AIDS and the Quilt. Sadly at their young ages (13-18) they already knew seven friends or relatives who had died. I asked them if they wanted to create a panel to the memory of those they had lost. I broke them into small groups and each group came up with a pencil sketch of one square foot panel. I took the sketched back to Atlanta and spent the next 36 hours at the sewing machine turning their sketches into a colorful and appropriate memorial.

I think the young people who made these panels were profoundly affected. One young man, who on the first visit was haughty, aloof, and put out by the discussion, approached me after the presentation of the completed panel with tears in his eyes and said, 'I understand now. Thank you for changing my life!'

- Rick Namors, Panel Maker

The AIDS Memorial Quilt celebrates the lives of real people who were loved and lost to HIV/AIDS. They are each remembered on a stretch of fabric called a panel. The website offers a closer look at one of the 47,000 panels that comprise the ever-growing AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Having a bit of a lazy evening, so took the opportunity to finally update some of my links here. Seperated the blogs into two lists and added some new ones. Also added Treasure Island Media to the porn companies ... can't believe I forgot them, some very horny DVD's there!

Your on fire man!

Not really much I can add to that about from WOW! Check out more about it here.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Woof: Disaster!

Nearly had a bit of a disaster here at the ranch! Through a stroke of stupidity I managed to delete all of my porn collection! Fortunately the File Recovery utility from PC Tools saved the day! So to celebrate a mixed collection of Woof today. :)

Oh, and following on from this post - need to order more weights! Found out that bollocks can take a lot more then originally thought - I thought 4.5Kg was really quite a bit, certainly felt it picking them up afterwards.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

XXL Birmingham & DV8

For me XXL is probably one of the best club nights around, its great fun, its full of sexy furry guys, doesn't come with a bunch of bitchy queens and is just a good night!

A few years back it opened a regular monthly night in Birmingham which quickly became very popular and went twice monthly! The Birmingham night has an excellent following, and deservedly so!

The night always used to be in DV8 - the newest (all be it a few years old now) gay club in the heart of the gay village, just over the road from the Nightingale. I remember when it opened - nice enough venue, good large dance area, 2nd room for variety of music, and we've had some good nights there.

But recently there has been a shift, we often walk past on a Saturday night and more and more the queue for entry is getting straighter and straighter ... and not in a good way! They do a pay your entry fee and all house drinks are free night then. Word has apparently spread, despite having a huge array of straight clubs to go to it appears DV8 is becoming the club of choice for a section of Birmingham. I am not aware of any of the gay clubs in Birmingham having a particular problem that requires a police presence, unlike Broad Street where there is one by default on a Saturday night. A few months back the police were called and closed the club due to drunken behaviour and the security team "loosing control" or similar.

And then last Friday, I saw on the XXL Twitter that the night had moved to the Gale. I did wonder if it was a permanent thing or just temporary for the night ... turns out it is very permanent and incredibly bad for DV8. Nightmare in terms of PR for them, but very bad in terms of lost revenue ... XXL was one of the most consistently popular nights in town.

So now the, in my view, better venue hosts the night - good luck to it! Hope to get along again before too long. Thankyou to the Gale for stepping in at such short notice (30mins) and for agreeing to support the event.

You can read the full reason for the move on the XXL website here.

Ball weights

No sometimes all there is to it is to be tied up and have some weights added to your balls to give them a good hard stretch! The problem can be what to hang off them, what's got a good weight and is easy to hang.

This can often be harder then you might think to find something! So fortunately lots of various kink suppliers offer a range of weights, from the small that can be used on nipples and other areas to the very heavy! And yes they often come with a rather natty little hook or something to hang them from.

There is unfortunately one problem with these ... price! Essentially your buying a chunk of metal with a hole to make it easy to hang. But because its sex related its often used as an excuse to bump up the price and get more from us pervs - this can annoy me somewhat at times! For custom leather and rubber clothes I don't mind so much, at least there I am paying for the skill of the guy or girl making it.

So I got thinking ... heavy weights that have a hole ... heavy weights that have a hole. Then i got distracted by some Polo's. Round, with a hole! I was on to something here ... just not very heavy and too yummy! And then it came to me ...

What do bodybuilders like to do? Get sweaty and flex their muscles ... hang on let me just enjoy that for a moment. Where was I? Oh yes bodybuilders - lift weights, lots of them and heavy too! Weights that are round with holes in and come in all sizes!!

How perfect an item can you get, loop some rope or chain through them and hey presto! And best of all ... they are cheap! I bought 4 x 0.5Kg and 4 x 1.25Kg Marcy Weight Plates for less than £20 including VAT and Shipping!

A lot of pain / pleasure at a bargain price!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Truly portable sling!

Just got an e-mail with the latest products from the sexy pigs over at Fort Troff. And I was checking out the site when I came across the most fantastic product (not in the e-mail) can't believe I missed this before!

You go on holiday, or just way for a weekend and you want some fun - a good fucking or even fisting and no sling in site. And taking the portable sling stand isn't really that easy. Well why not just take The Leg Sling!

Another genius product from The Hawk ... so simple, so light and small to carry (32")! These guys also have the best product shots as well ... check out the pics and video!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Stories From The Quilt

Tino Gasca (Block 5122)
Tino was a very gifted man. His talents were limitless. He grew flowers with majestic blooms, and created flower arrangements so beautiful; it was almost inconceivable that they were real. We miss him very much. He was deeply loved and will never be forgotten. We lost a beautiful friend.
- Love, Elaine, Lori and Cheryl

Patrick Kelly (Block 4921)
I have sewn only two things in my life. My wedding dress 23 years ago, and a 3' by 6' panel for The AIDS Memorial Quilt. I asked everyone I could reach who loved Patrick to make a fish out of cloth for the quilt panel. This works perfectly with the song Rachelle Garniez wrote for him, 'All the little fish in the deep blue sea are gonna miss your sweet and smiling face.' Patrick was my best friend. He was buried in his brand new lime green scuba suit. He died so well. How many of us with twice the time and five-page resumes will be able to do the same?"
- Rhoda Mills Sommer

The AIDS Memorial Quilt celebrates the lives of real people who were loved and lost to HIV/AIDS. They are each remembered on a stretch of fabric called a panel. The website offers a closer look at one of the 47,000 panels that comprise the ever-growing AIDS Memorial Quilt.