Monday, 27 April 2009

Leather Events

Over the past year, well since I went to IML last year really I've been thinking about going to a Leather Event for a small trip away, and to volunteer in some capacity. I think it would be fun and of course a nice way to meet people and make some introductions. The problem is that the UK gay fetish scene isn't particularly big on the community stuff and events, so it would be a US one. But which one? Current list of possible events are:
  1. MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather)
  2. IML (International Mr Leather)
  3. CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend)
Shibaricon is also on in Chicago the same weekend as IML - two birds, one stone etc. At the moment CLAW looks most appealing at the moment, there seems to be a good balance of play, party, workshops and discovery.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Stories From The Quilt

Keith Bishop (Block 3417)
If you are reading this, please think of that friend who you hold so dear, who you revere not because of those real and tangible traits that made him or her your friend and think of all the joy and love you feel for that friend and the thankfulness you feel for having known that person and you will know Keith Bishop. Now add the sorrow of having them leave and all the people they loved. Weave, Weave, Weave Me the Sunshine Out of the Pouring Rain.
-Terry Presley, Panelmaker

Frank Blanco (Block 1000)
I wanted to make sure that Frank has some memorial where the Supremes were always singing. That is why I have sewn a walkman into my Quilt panel for Frank. When the book on the panel is opened, it triggers a switch and the walkman plays, 'I Hear A Symphony', Frank's favorite Supremes' song. Whenever someone visits his panel, there will be music.....Frank loved to sing, and he couldn't sing on key to save his soul, but somewhere, I know that imperfect soul is singing with perfect pitch.
- Paul Hill, Panelmaker

The AIDS Memorial Quilt celebrates the lives of real people who were loved and lost to HIV/AIDS. They are each remembered on a stretch of fabric called a panel. The website offers a closer look at one of the 47,000 panels that comprise the ever-growing AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Woof: A Little Ball Pain

Back last night from a great trip to Amsterdam over the weekend ... my fave city. I'll write more about it later, but today some pics inspired by a purchase over the weekend.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Oink! How to become a pig

No we all know that a lot of guys are total pigs ... in a good way. And some like to let their inner pig out to play some times.

Well now you can see just how to behave like a true pig with a new BBC Three programme - My Life as an Animal (clips here).

If you fancy a quality rubber pig (or dog - terrier, dalmation, rottweiller, poodle (yes really) etc, cat or wild boar) hood then get your yourself over to RubberDawg.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Condoms - Let the right ones in!

Condoms - as the tag line says are essential wear! You can pick them up in most gay bars and clubs free, but choices are often limited to regular or strong with small sachets of lube. What about those of us who want something a little larger or smaller? And what about not being ripped off? Well if your in the UK the best value place to get your condoms from is Freedoms!

If we take a comparison with a well-known leading high street pharmacist, who's name when mentioned kinda disappoints when mentioned because people aren't usually referring to horny footwear. So 144 Mates Natural Condoms (170mm x 53mm) here would set you back £59.94 - sex ain't cheap any more boys! Now 144 of the exact same condom from Freedoms ... £16.54 - a £43.34 saving!! They also have an excellent range of water and silicone based lubes at much more affordable prices.

For the majority of non average size boys out there they do Durex Closer Fit (178mm x 49mm), Condomi XXL (200mm x 54mm), Mates Large (180mm x 65mm at head), Pasante Latex-Free Large (180mm x 55mm) and for the really big boys Pasante Latex-Free King Size (200mm x 60mm).

So make sure you get the right size to fit your or your fucks cock, hell why not have a selection at home! As the scouts say - "Be prepared!"

Manchester Gay Skinhead Weekend

This may be an event first for us this year! Currently thinking about heading up to Manchester for the Skinhead weekend at the end of June. Check out the website for details.

Apparently last year the Miss Sparkle The National Transgender Celebration was also held in Manchester on the same weekend. I guess with so many guys want to take their bleachers and boots along with their frocks and heels they complained they couldn't do both.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Interactive Porn Nearly Here

A friend sent me a link to an Adidas advertising campaign - Jersey Swap. Pick two players and then watch them swap shirts in front of you. Yum! Great way to avoid doing work.

Check it out for yourself.

Current Wallpaper

This is Steve Christman, fairly new to the bodybuilding circuit ... which isn't a surprise since he's only 23! He is certainly starting well, and for me the tattoo's just look awesome! As D:Ream used to sing ... he can only get better. ;)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Porn, Rubbers & A Positive Attitude

Tony Buff and Derek da Silva won some awards at the GayVN Porn Awards recently as part of Folsom Prison – congratulations guys! Tony made a post in his blog about, and in it he touches on the subject of bareback sex in porn.

HIV/AIDS is a big issue for us gays, too many of us have been affected by it – not many of us can honestly say they don’t know someone who is HIV+. And there has long been a debate on bareback sex in porn.

Should all porn be with condoms? In all honesty, I don’t know! I think the use of condoms in porn is very important to show that they aren’t things to be forgotten, they don’t kill the moment, they don’t ruin sex or the sensations associated with a good fuck. But a lot of guys prefer sex without them – a lot within a LTR, some with trusted friends with privileges / fuck buddies, some for just any cock they can get up their hole or in a hole. So should there be porn to reflect the likes and interests of these guys and the sex they like?

I remembered an interview Instigator Magazine (Issue 7) had with Dick Wadd – producer of some of the horniest dirtiest and rawest porn around. I’ve included some extracts here:
Do you feel you’re setting a bad example?
I don’t feel I’m setting an example at all. Guys who watch extreme fetish videos are advanced players and know the score. Young men who know little or nothing about gay sex and HIV transmission don’t watch fisting and watersports videos….

Isn’t there a responsibility to the younger members of the tribe who are beginning to explore kink?
I feel we older members of the tribe have a responsibility to educate younger members and all initiates, not only about sexual practices, but about the potential ramifications of particular practices both physically and psychologically. There were three young HIV- men in my past who assumed that, because of my work, I am HIV+ and who wanted to take my charged load. I invited them [separately] to my playroom, lit the candles, put on my best music, set the scene, tossed them in a sling, bored into their eyes with mine right before penetration, then grabbed them by their harnesses, shook them, slapped their faces and screamed, “What the fuck are you thinking?” In each case, a dear friend with physically visible manifestations of advanced HIV was waiting to nearby and, together, we just talked (more like scared) some sense into these guys.

That’s a different approach, I’d say…
Though I truly believe that life is about choices and consequences, I think the trouble with “safer sex education” is that there is a disconnection between unsafe sex and its ramifications… Newbies don’t get to see the truly heinous face of AIDS or talk openly with guys who haven’t had a solid bowel movement in years, suffer from lipodystrophy, lipoathropy, chronic fatigue, and other side effects. They only see the chiselled bodies and features of men in HIV drug ads, which are not representative of the true face of AIDS.
I think this is such an important message, porn is a fantasy - and I think too often people don't truly understand the consequences of their actions. The attitude Dick shares here is often the opposite of what a lot of people would think it would be. There is a fairly popular profile / dating / sex site that is heavily bareback focused - BNSkin. Its a good site to use with some fantastic people on there, and they are very open and honest about their attitudes to sex. They know the details and risks that come with bareback sex. A lot are HIV +, a lot aren't - but most are have made a decision that they prefer or will only have bareback sex.

Every so often something interesting happens, and the first time it happened it wasn't something I was expecting. There comes along a profile of someone who is HIV negative looking for bareback sex, or even to be pozzed / converted / charged by a poz top. And then all of a sudden so many of the guys jump in quite vocally - "do you realise what the fuck your doing?" They share stories, the actual daily reality of what being HIV+ is like - not the fantasy, the idea of "I won't have to worry about condoms and can just enjoy sex". A lot of the time these guys change their mind and / or take a step back to revaluate what they want to do.

So, back to the original debate - should porn companies require condom use? Should awards and recognitions recognise those who choose not to use condoms?

Personally I am a big safer sex advocate! The idea of risking your health and your life for a fuck is something I just can't comprehend. In the interview with Dick Wadd he talks about people not really understanding the true consequences of being HIV+. Some guys think about the health consequences, the lifetime of pills etc. But what about the other consequences? Restrictions on travel because you have a communicable disease? The consequences to getting health / life insurance to support and look after loved ones? Do people really want to risk all this for a fuck? It is just a price that is far to high to pay!

People buy porn to get off, not to be preached at. Its a fantasy, but we should make sure people understand the difference between fantasy and reality. And if people get used to seeing condoms in porn so that they aren't unusual or a mystery. Through recognition and seeing their use people will hopefully come to think of condoms as a part of sex, not an obstruction to it.

But what about the porn companies? They need to be careful ... they need to be sure of what they are doing. If one guy is found to have contracted HIV during a shoot the backlash will be massive, and for the company involved a potentially catastrophic PR disaster! We talk about the direct risk to individuals, what about the risk to companies and the livelyhoods they support? Is the risk worth it?

If your in porn and enjoy bareback sex go for it ... but when its on film its not sex, its porn. And thats different. I mentioned Dick Wadd films earlier - to be honest if the guys were wearing condoms then to my mind it would have no impact on the quality of the sex, the action, or the horniness of it all! Porn with condoms just helps to reaffirm the message that you can have safer sex and still have the most amazing mind blowing sex!

Check out this site for information about kinky sex and any risks involved. Knowledge is power! Power exchange is hot ... but the lack of knowledge is just stupid. Be informed and make informed decisions!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bound Gods: Master Tyler Saint and slave jason miller

Bound Gods is an awesome site! Amazing men doing some natural amazing and very real BDSM scenes. I also love how these guys have a chat with the models about the shoot etc. In this one you can just see the fear in jason's eyes with the red electric prod in front of his face. He really does make a lot of noise because of that thing. Delicious! Definitely recommend a viewing ... though I've found it takes several to get through one. ;)

Happy Easter! :)

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Rusty is a Homosexual

This is a fantastic read - always brings a smile to my face! This is a story about Rusty, who as the title suggests is a homosexual. Fortunately Rusty has a lovely pet dog, Patches, who alerted him to the fact that the house was on fire one night! Fortunately for Rusty a rather big hunky fireman came to the rescue.
The next night, Rusty couldn't sleep. He thought about the fireman. He thought about how warm and muscular the fireman had felt through his uniform. He remembered the smell of smoke mixed with the fireman's sweat.
How many kink gay men didn't have that awkward moment at the dinner table the once...
The real shocker came at dinner that night. "I wish a fireman would take off all his clothes and sleep with me in my bed," said Rusty. "And I wish he would put a dog leash on me."
Taken from Rusty is a Homosexual.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Woof: Red light - BOUND

The red room is bathed in candlelight. There is a chair ... a table ... a card. The directions on it are simple and direct: SIT.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Nut hanging

Raptor2 has posted another very horny intense CBT video. Definitely worth a watch if you like to see a guy suffer or hear him scream from the pain in his balls.

This video was brought to you by the letter R for Ruff - check it out!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Secret Sunday

What's your secret kinky fantasy? Want to share it anonymously with the world? Why not create your own postcard and email it to

Filth on Facebook ... hurrah!

You can now become a fan of porn studios on Facebook! I've recently become a fan of Hot House, Titan and Falcon on there. No sign of Dick Wadd yet, though Brenda Dickson is there - "Well hello, welcome to my home".

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Never really been a fan of either boxing or wrestling. But Ultimate Fighting Championships ... now there is just some appeal to it. Can't possibly imagine what, big muscular Americans beating each other up for fun. Works for me!

Well the latest series about to be shown in the UK is UK vs USA. Checkout the leaked preview here.