Monday, 30 March 2009

Heavy Metal

Now that's a collar! All 2.9 Kilo's of it! This is from the guys over at Parus Metal & Leather and is from their Heavy Metal range. The collars go up to a weight of 8.5 Kg's - seriously! I'm thinking that one may be a little on the heavy side, but one like the above I imagine would be rather great to wear for a scene.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Kinky Luggage

How often do you go away for a night to a hotel, travel to a fetish event, or club or play date and just chuck all your toys in the bag. Then you get there and you can't find the bloody toy or instrument of torture you want?

Well those awesome guys over in San Francisco at Mr S Leather have put together a great solution - kink cases! Shown here is the smallest, they go up to huge take the whole dungeon with you sizes!

Check them out for yourself.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Woof: LJ25

I came across the profile of this incredibly hot guy while browsing - unfortunately I can't remember his profile name now! But you can check him out on his personal website - The photo's are great and he is one of the sexiest guys I've seen for a long time - the ink and mods look fantastic!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Kids today!

An 18-year-old has secretly painted a 60ft drawing of a penis on the roof of his parents' £1million mansion in Berkshire. It was there for a year before his parents found out. They say he'll have to scrub it off when he gets back from travelling.

From BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Often copied, never bettered

If you are looking for high quality fetish restraints, gear or the best in dungeon furniture then you definately need to get along to Fetters! They produce what I regard to be the best quality products with some of the best customer service. If you get the chance get along to the showroom to see for yourself, or just checkout the website.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Stories From The Quilt

Randy Wade Steinhauser (Block 5768)
Randy helped me to design his AIDS Panel and I (mom, Jo Ann) quickly made the panel in 2001. I could not part with the panel until 2007. Randy spend his adult life in Dallas and Lubbock, Texas. The last year of his life was spent at my home in Lubbock, surrounded by loving friends and family especially his very best friend and love of his life, Gracie (his dog). Randy called her 'Love Puppy.' As a mom, my heart is saddened at the loss of my son, Randy. I will always treasure my memories and am thankful for his 39 years!
- Jo Ann Steinhauser

The AIDS Memorial Quilt celebrates the lives of real people who were loved and lost to HIV/AIDS. They are each remembered on a stretch of fabric called a panel. The website offers a closer look at one of the 47,000 panels that comprise the ever-growing AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Chat up line

So a few days ago I just login to check my Recon messages and there is a message waiting.

"Fancy a fuck?"

That's it. When did we loose the art of "Hello?" What's wrong with maybe signing your name so I know who you are? Oh don't get me wrong in a fuck club or sauna anonymous bj or fuck can be very horny. But when your chatting to a guy online and want to meat then an introduction or at least a name can be nice.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Woof: Mr S Catalogue

This is the incredibly hot cover of the now out of print fantastic Mr S Leather catalogue. I picked this up at their older 7th street store on our first trip to San Francisco in 2003. The store was and still is an amazing place to go, but their catalogue must now go down in Leather Legend. At over 360 pages with each product photographed in beautiful detail with the most fantastic models I am not aware of another publication like it.

Richard Hunter (owner of Mr S since 1991) is responsible for this slice of history, with many of the products still available today. Of course times move on and so do companies, and the catalogue has now moved on-line where most of its customers now shop.

As the phrase goes everyone remembers their first time, and I certainly remember my first time in the store and when I saw this - there was never any doubt about my spending $20 on purchasing it.

I look forward to returning to the store in May.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Knotty Discovery

Rope bondage - love it! And want to try more of it, and we'll come back to that shortly. One of the problems with rope is storing it in a nice tidy manor so that it doesn't get all tangled up. And a great way of doing this is to braid it - think plated hair. The problem has always been just how do you do that. Well I stumbled across this little video yesterday that explains it!

So I can now have the fun of making all my rope neat and tidy ready for play. :)

Rope work is something I'd like to try out a bit more, both as top and bottom. Rope ... it has just such versitility, this long floppy loose thing can be used to such effect. You can decorate someone, handcuff them, complete restrict them or suspend them. I think it is an incredibly tactile and intimate form of bondage, you can put someone in a sleep sack or some restraints fairly quickly and easily and have the same effect.

To do it with some rope takes much more time, patience, interaction, skill and of course creativity! One of the big things for me is also the look of it - the top has to choose the most appropriate form of rope work, bondage, knots and of course colour or colours!

There are some locally organised events to try out playing with rope or being a willing bottom to be tied up. Though the big one I want to go to is only ever three months and the next one we are away for. So I've been having a look for some other means of education and I think I may be making a purchase of the rather fab looking book Two Knotty Boys - Showing You The Ropes. From what I've read this is a good introduction, some of the other popular books don't include so much of the beginner stuff.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Whats your secret fantasy?

What's your secret kinky fantasy? Want to share it anonymously with the world? Why not create your own postcard and email it to

Monday, 16 March 2009

Pup Hood

I've never been a big one for puppy play - its just not my bag as they say. Though I can see some appeal to it, its not for me. Though I did enjoy watching a Puppy and Dog have a bark-off over a bowl of water at Folsom Street the once, the poor dog was rather confused by this man barking at him.

That aside, I can appreciate the accessories and gear that can go with it. Several companies make several different puppy / dog hoods for such play. There are several different rubber ones and different companies making their own leather varieties - naturally my preference is for the leather ones. They also seem more appropriate to be made of leather.

Anyway, today at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar one of the regular vendors (Top to Bottom Leather) had their Dog Hood on display. It is definitely one of the most adorable I've seen! I just love the flopped over ears and wet look nose. And the quality of their products is very high. Definately worth a look if you fancy something a little different.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Friday, 13 March 2009

NastyPig in the UK

Just a few days after getting my pillowcase from New York Recon update their store ... with a large range of NP products now available in the UK / EU.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

SM Gays - CBT & Electro

Next week is a very good night for those who are interested in the Leather scene in London but fear it may be a bit too full on for them

It is SM Gays at The Hoist on 19th March. This is a no-dresscode evening with a bunch of show and tell demo's or try and scream, depending on your preference. :)

SM Gays is unfunded, supported and run by volunteers.

Every month the group holds a Discovery Night in Central London where you can learn more about SM techniques and meet other people with similar interests. There is no membership requirement or dress code and the atmosphere is friendly and informal.
At present these events attract around 200 gay men.

Main activities

  • Events held on the third Thursday of every month in Central London
  • Publication, on line, of Safer Sex booklet and other information sheets
  • Running courses to introduce people to safe sane consensual SM
  • Through the SM Gays Benevolent Fund, raising money for people with AIDS or facing legal persecution because of their SM sexuality
  • Providing speakers and supporting SM-related events

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mmmm Nasty Pig!

My lovely husband returned from a trip to New York today, I know ... would have loved to have gone but cash-flow meant that wasn't going to happen. But not to worry!

At my request he made a purchase for me ... though this is actually for work (seriously!). A NastyPig Pillowcase. One of the problems I have at the moment is that for a lot of the waxing and some of the massages the pillows get covered in oil and massage wax and they look really horrible. Washing them helps but can still look a bit icky. So my solution ... a NP pillow that is designed to get covered in gunk that I can throw a towel over.

Well now that I have one ... gotta say I really do want to get a full set for the bedroom too! NP Rubber feels delicious on clothes, but this feels even better! And of course no worries about mess!!

Current Wallpaper

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Puff the Magic Dragon

I love tattoo's, piercings and body modifications in general. I hope to one day soon get re-pierced again and also to have a tattoo done. Though I am still on the look out for a design I like for the tattoo.

But these are just something else!

I've seen them several times before, and always admired them! The originality, the artwork and the skill of the artist. I came across them again today and just had to share! I think i'll have to dig out some of the mod's I've loved and some of the ones that I secretly wouldn't say no to.

Monday, 9 March 2009

New Boots

I was looking at some boots at the weekend as I quite fancy getting a new pair, particularly to wear with a kilt (new one of them on the horizon too). And I was just looking through old images that people have sent me on IM and I found this one:
The exact boots I was looking at. They appeal even more now!

Jackass Visit The Stockroom

This is so being posted all over the blogosphere at the moment! But its just too good not to share. Total credit to Calgary Rubber who I've kinda stolen it from. ;)

There are two clips, the second will follow on automatically. Enjoy ... I did! For a guy who does all kinda weird stuff the whole BDSM world seems to scare him a bit - they look rather nervous in quite a few places. Love it!

Jackass in the Stockroom

Johnny Knoxville and entourage visited JT's Stockroom last fall. Here is the video of their adventures...(from A professional daredevil known for his wild neck-risking stunts and pranks, Knoxville is actually a little nervous when faced with some of our more unusual specialty gear. Check out both these hilarious videos, hosted by dapper opera-singing impresario Mr. Merlin, director of upscale LA dungeon the Broken Door. The first clip is an actual tour of the Stockroom premises; the next is a “show and tell” session Mr. Merlin stages in the JackassWorld offices.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

London Skinfest

March 13 - 15th 2009

The main Friday and Saturday night events are held in Vauxhall, London. Both venues are a short walk from each other and major Undergroud, Rail and Bus stations. To find your way around the London Transport network we recommend using the Transport For London website.

Normal door policies at the venues will be in force so dress appropriately please. We recommend Skinhead gear, obviously, to get access to special areas and benefits.

There is no need to buy advanced tickets, just turn up at the venues and enjoy the nights.

London Skinfest is being organised by ForSkins, an inclusive non-political group and welcomes everyone regardless of sexuality, gender, race, religion/faith, age(over 18 due to events venues!) or disability.

Your politics are your business, leave them at home please – venues will be running thier normal door entry policy so be sensible and don't dress to offend.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Thursday, 5 March 2009


I just found this picture on my laptop and thought it is just too adorbearable not to share!

Fort Troff & Bull Rings

I just added the fantastic Fort Troff to the list of shops to buy gear and pig sex stuff from. Don't know how I managed for forget it, its the place I bought my sling stand from!

Oh, now theres a story! I order a sling stand and dildo from Hawk at the Troff, great service sorting out the order as I wanted it delivered to the hotel we were staying at in New York the once. This is when the pound was worth something so the total cost with shipping was about £250 (you can only get them for about £500 here) so a bit of a bargin. So its all ordered and delivered a day before we arrive clearly marked with our name and arrival date.

We checkin and the receptionist says there is a package for us to collect. She then rustles about under the counter and brings out this small box that is about 20cm square. I know they say the stand is portable, but we aren't talking breaking the laws of physics here!

They deny all knowledge of another package, so emails and calls to Hawk who confirms delivery, the hotel deny it. We provide proof of delivery and the name of the person who signed for it. Then a few hours later this huge box wrapped in camo parcel tape (I love details like that) turns up at the room. Much relief all round - would have hate to have lost the money on that.

Since returning several friends have bought stands from Fort Troff and had them delivered here to the UK and also comment on the excellent service and speed so if you need a sling you know where to shop! And you can now get taller and bigger stands too.

So anyway back to the original reason for this post. I remembered I wanted to add them to the site so logged in to check their URL and I had forgotten about an awesome new product they now have that I think I may like to order.

They now do some super stretchy silicone ball stretchers! They look awesome and very comfy, available in two sizes so you can have them just around the balls or both cock and balls.

And being for us gayers they are in a pretty selection of colours too. I look forward to playing with them when I get some. Just right for holding those balls tight ready for a good ...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tom of Finland ... bigger, better and together

Most gay boys have seen Tom of Finlands homoerotic drawings, and those with a love for leather and / or muscles most certainly have lusted over a few of him images.

There have been quite a few ToF anthologies and collections published, but now Taschen has released Tom of Finland XXL.

A good few months ago I was staying over with friends who have a ToF collection and had a flick through and read the history and stories of the man and his artwork. It was actually fascinating to see how one man's vision of masculinity has come to influence and maybe even define what so many gay men look for, and I don't think anyone else has had such an impact on homoerotic artwork as Tom. Or certainly one that isn't as well known!
With dimensions of 29 by 40.5cm and 666 pages, Tom of Finland XXL contains over 1,000 images, covering six decades of the artist's career. The work was gathered from all known collections across the US and Europe with the help of the Tom of Finland Foundation and features many drawings, paintings and preparatory sketches that have never been reproduced in any book. Other images have only been seen out of context and will be presented here in the sequential order Tom intended for full artistic appreciation and erotic impact. This elegant oversized volume will showcase the full range of Tom's talent, from sensitive portraits to frank sexual pleasure to tender expressions of love and Tom's haunting tributes to young men struck down by the AIDS epidemic.

Completing this collector's edition are eight specially commissioned essays on Tom's social and personal impact by Camille Paglia, John Waters, Armistead Maupin, Todd Oldham, and others, plus a scholarly analysis of individual drawings by art historian Edward Lucie-Smith. For the man—or woman—who thinks bigger is better, Tom of Finland XXL is certain to satisfy.
I think this is definitely a book that I will add to my shopping list!

Woof: Frank McGrath

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Dream Bondage Weekend

This is a story I saw linked to on one of the blogs I read (check out the list to the right) and I just had to share.

I loved it for several reasons, firstly the photography and imagery is just beautiful! And then the story is just so well written and heart warming, and the bondage the guy is in quite exquisite!

You can read the story here on If you get a blank page or need to confirm you are over 18 open the site in a new window, go to the main page, then click at the bottom of the advert page and then you can copy and paste the link to the story.

Wax Play

Hot melted candle wax ... great fun!!

And of course there are many different things you can do with wax play, and a whole body over which you can drip, brush or pour it!

This weekend just gone I was down in London buying lots of wax products for use on clients. Hair removal wax not really that great for playing with, well actually the non-strip stuff could be fun if you want to pull the hairs out. Anyway I digress. Last night I had the most random of thoughts tidying up my room.

I have two (soon to be three) 1000cc wax heaters in my room. They melt the wax and keep it warm and you can then use a spatula to spread it onto the client. But in the beauty world you can also get Paraffin Wax treatments for facials and manicures. And this too is heated up .... my brain starts to work, how about putting candle wax in the heater and using a small ladle or something to drip it over a cock or body. Oooh or you could use a brush to build up a really solid lump of wax to encase a cock and balls (I'm fixated I know).

So today I picked up some beauty paraffin wax to try, its cheap but too soft. Can be good for heat sensation play, and it comes off super easy without taking the hairs but maybe a little soft for some scenes. But if you take the wicks and metal bits out of Tea Lights and warm them up your well on your way!

I look forward to trying out my new discovery. Now if only there was a decent adult eBay to sell wax play kits on!!

Your S&M

This is a little something I put together a good few months back after the superb M&S adverts. It was a case of duct tape or handcuffs - tape won this time, but maybe another with handcuffs should be done.